Inclement Weather – Resident Update

We understand that these are stressful times. We want to reassure you that RPMUD has not lost power at any well. We have plenty of fuel to power the generators for several days. We received fuel yesterday, Tuesday. If you feel safer boiling your water that is a personal decision but we are NOT under a boil water notification. The wells were operating under generator power when electricity was off to the area.

If you have discolored water, there are several reasons for this. If your pipes froze, it could be sediment from your hot water heater or your galvanized pipes.

If you need to have your water shut off at the meter please contact me with a phone number and address at We have crews in the subdivision today but they will only be here as long as it is safe for them.

As always, we are here and taking care of the unprecedented problems as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Julie Gilmer
RPMUD, President